About Haskè Conseil

We think big.
We execute on a vision.
We are based in West Africa.

Since 2008, Haskè Conseil has been providing development consulting services across the globe. With a new name and a new approach since 2022, Haskè Conseil will now focus on supporting private enterprise in West Africa, alongside governments, corporations, development partners, NGOs, academia, etc.

Throughout our 14 years of existence, we have been committed at all levels to the development of the private sector, from sector analysis and policy-making, to sector strategies and investment research. We are convinced that West Africa is more ready than ever to strengthen private initiative and accelerate its economic growth and job creation objectives.

We are ready to embark on the journey through the incubation of initiatives and partnerships, paving the way for Africa’s upcoming business champions.

We have started in Senegal…. And looking into other markets!

What we do

Support startups with their strategy needs

  • Sector trends and opportunities
  • Industry insights
  • Expansion strategies
  • Partnerships

Manage multi-year initiatives

  • Enabling environment
  • Business case for policy changes
  • Alliance-building
  • Innovation and pilots

Identify and develop talent

  • Skills development
  • Academic partnerships
  • Incubation programs

Illustrative projects

Made in Africa Buyers’ Alliance :

Program design and organization of the first event in 2022 in Dakar, Senegal.

Gaming West Africa :

Imagining the future of the gaming industry in West Africa.

Franchising models :

Opportunities and challenges in the franchising industry in Senegal – a focus on food distribution.

Investment Insights Series :

A benchmark of standard investment terms for African Startups.

Join us

Haskè Conseil is growing and looking for industry experts to join our team:

If you are interested, please send your CV to: